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Buying a property in Lanzarote for rental purposes


Of this second group some people my be able to afford their dream home in the sun without needing to earn any extra income from it. These people can leave it empty when not in use or let friends enjoy a holiday there. However the largest group are those that want a home in the sun but also see the potential income it can earn from holiday rentals. When their apartment or villa in Lanzarote is vacant a nice little income can trickle in from tourist occupation.


In this article we will be discussing issues connected to buyers looking for a property they can use as a holiday home and also rent out whilst back home.

In Lanzarote there are three main tourist areas where holiday rentals are most sought after. These areas vary in the amount and type of tourists visiting. They are Puerto del Carmen, Playa Blanca and Costa Teguise. Puerto del Carmen is the busiest and most active with regards to nightlife, bars and people on beaches. There is even a golf course. Playa Blanca is second busiest attracting a more upmarket crowd. There are several five star hotels, a variety of beaches and good access. Costa Teguise was purpose built as a tourist destination. Road access is excellent. There is an established golf course and the islands only Aqua Park. Costa Teguise is also home to some of the best windsurfing conditions in Europe.

Each tourist area of Lanzarote has its own unique character and something to offer everyone. Most buyers have their own favourite area they have visited several times before so know what their preferences are.


If you are looking for something more traditional and authentic again Lanzarote will not disappoint . Just outside the popular resorts is an all together different Lanzarote. Traditional Spanish bars abound offering cold beer and tapas. There are also some great beaches like Famara and Papagayo. 


Once you have decided on the area and bought your property you then need to get it looking right. Choose good quality but affordable furniture. A TV and video are good to keep the kids occupied. Bright colours give the room a larger and more open feel. To attract larger groups and earn a little more many offer for a sofa bed. It is the little extras that keep many holidaying families and groups returning year after year. Often the more you put into the property the more you will get out. Remember that breakages are part of the business and clients will expect everything to work. If it does not work remove it.


Next comes attracting holiday makers. A good place to start is the internet. There are several great Lanzarote property rental websites that will bring you plenty of holiday rentals. A website featuring lots of photos and a room by room break down are very useful. Then related publications and press will help.


On the whole buying a property for renal purposes is a viable idea. Check the property rental website for your area of Lanzarote to get an idea of the going rates. Remember the first year will not be as busy as other properties that have generated return clients. Be realistic with the amount of business you will generate and make sure this will cover your financial shortfalls. 


Finally dont forget to leave a few choice weeks a year open for yourselves.