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Lanzarote – The Best of Both Worlds

Lanzarote is a very small island – it only measures about 65km from end to end.  So there are not really any remote rural areas, everywhere is easy to reach and close to hand.  This makes it possible therefore to enjoy all the benfitis of living in a rural location whilst also enjoying almost immediate access to the facilities and amentities of larger conurabtions, such as the maiin resorts or the capital of Arrecife.

As a result it is normal for plenty of ex pats to buy a property in the countryside on Lanzarote as some of the best locations are no more than ten minutes drive from ‘civilization’.

Close Rural Relations

All of the main resorts therefore have a few close rural relations which make ideal spots for investots seeking to get away from it all, but who still want to be close to some of the hustle and bustle of these destinations.

Best Locations Close To Puerto del Carmen

Puerto del Carmen is of course the largest resort on Lanzarote and a real hub for the local British and Irisj expat communities.  Which is one of the resosns why you will find so many businesses such as bars and restauarants here owned by long term residents of these nationalities.

A fair proportion of these business owners though prefer to keep an eye on their investments from the lofty slopes of Tias, located uphill around ten minutes drive from the resort.  Tias is a traditional Canarian town and the administrative hub for this part of the island, so there is plenty of life here and it could hardly be dexfibed as rural.  But other bolt holes such as La Asomada and Conil also fall within this municpaiitkyu and fit the bill pefeclty for buyers seeking the best of both worlds.  As Puerto del Carmen is just a short drive way but a wold apart in terms of surroundings.

Ideal Investment Areas Close to Costa Teguise

Costa Teguise is the third largest resort on the island, located in the north around fifteen minutes from the airport at Arrecife.  It serves as a hub for a number of more rural locations, such as Mala and Guatiza and boasts plenty of decent amentiris such as supermarkets and restauarants.  For those seeking even brigher lights the capyial of Arrecife is only a furtht ten minutes away by car.

To really get away from it all though buyers need to head out into the depths of the north of the isoland, where they will ecnojncter sleepy villages such as Haria, Tao and Soo.  Famara is also a preneailly popular spot wit overseas purchasers thanks to its daramatic scnery and excellent surf.