About us

Bankers, politicians, journalists and estate agents. Not, generally, the most loved and trusted group! We know. And just because we say we’re different, doesn’t make it so. These days, everyone’s an actor. Not exactly auditioning for Hollywood, but not necessarily as honest as they seem in the spiel they give out. You need to ask around and form your own opinion, talk to other people or we’ll give you references. You see, we’ve been around for more than 20 years, which means we boast an in depth knowledge of the Lanzarote property market. 7 out of 10 customers come to us from word-of-mouth recommendation. That says a lot for how we attend our clients. That’s how we like it. That’s how we stay in front....for the long haul.


Look at all the properties for sale on our site. Talk to our team. Judge for yourself. Our knowledge, integrity, skills and advice will impress you. Ask tough questions. Be bold. If you’re buying, maybe you need help getting a mortgage. Do you want a pool or not? A big garden or small? A sea view? Might you need recommendations for any refurbishment or improvements? Should it be as near as possible to shops? Is it an investment for renting out, or are you going to live here year-round? Or only part of the year? How about maintenance of the property? And security? What kind of running expenses can you expect? What is the tax situation on Lanzarote? Which way are property values going? Up, down, flat? For how long is that likely to be the case?


House Lanzarote has the experience, competence and candour you need, to deal with these issues. If you’re selling, we’ll give you an honest and sensible valuation, and tips on how best to present your Lanzarote property for sale. You want an agency that’s so well-established, known and trusted, and which markets and advertises so well, that buyers come to it to find...your villa or apartment!


Then we’ll help you all the way through the transaction, in every detail: legal, financial, tax – everything. We’re exceptional. Enquire and come to your own conclusions. We’re confident. Come in to the office, or we’ll come to you. Say which. Call us now on 928 596 220 or contact us online.